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Thursday, April 07, 2011

PaulLovric: Never Say Die


During a simultaneous blindfold display by Alexander Alkehine against thirty two Nazi Generals during the Second World War, the following position was reached. Only four games were left, Alkehine haveing won most of the others, drawing a few.

When he came to this board and asked for his opponents move, the general offered to resign since he could not see how he could stop White mating on h8. For example, 1 ... g6 2 Qh7+ Kf8 3. Qh8+ Bxh8 4. Rxh8#.

Alkehine offered to swap sides, to which the general readily agreed and play continued.

1... Rh4 2. Nxh4 Qc3

Now the general had to agree that it was white who was losing. For example, 3 Kc1 Qa1+ 4 Kd2 Qxa8.

Alkehine again offered to swap sides. This time the general wanted to consider his decision and Alkehine busied himself with the remaing three other boards. On returning the general again agreed to swap sides.

3. Qh8 Kxh8 4. Ng6 Kg8 5. Rh8#

The moral of the story is "Never Say Die".
For a further example see There is always hope.

Source: Alexander Kotovs biography of Alexander Alkehine

has any one seen this ?

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Benzol: Check out Alexander Alekhine for more info.
Sep-30-05 PaulLovric: Check out Alexander Alekhine for more info.> you have a fantastic library thanks
Sep-30-05 PaulLovric: seen this one
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Benzol: You have me there I'm afraid.
Jan-18-06 johnnyboy: nice one
Jan-07-07 Tartalacreme: Hey! johnnyboy! Tonight is your lucky night!
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Peligroso Patzer: Apparently, the position referred to in the post by dated Sep-29-05 is as follows:

click for larger view
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Marmot PFL: Alekhine was no longer the Alekhine of the 1930s. Probably its best he died when he did rather than play a controversial match with Botvinnik in which he would have been badly beaten.
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grasser: Yes. Death is always better than losing a match.
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Mar-08-10 PaulLovric: tis the position i was talking about
Mar-08-10 PaulLovric: ....5 years ago
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Benzol: Seems hard to believe that I posted that on the Alexander Alekhine thread for back in August 2004.

Actually it's the second time that the story has popped up in the last two weeks as well.


Mar-08-10 PaulLovric: my trans tasman friend, been a long time, how are you ?
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Benzol: I'm doing fairly well thanks. How are things across the ditch? Didn't like the look of the flooding in Queensland or the hail storms that hit Melbourne the other day either. How is it in Tasmania?


Mar-11-10 PaulLovric: i just have moved to NSW, not sure for how long-but im living on the central coast near Gosford with my girlfriend. we joined the gosford chess club last week. since getting together, 4 months ago, i have been teaching her to play chess and i am afraid i've created a monster. Tasmania was great when i was there at Christmas time: The weather was terrific. any extreem weather in NZ ?
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Benzol: You never know, your girlfriend could be a master in the making. The weather here has been good like the summers I remember as a child but this weekend I've noticed the nights have begun to get a little cooler.
Nov-12-10 PaulLovric: hope the weather is getting warmer now
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Benzol: Yes indeed. It's a warm ( 22 degrees C ) and fine Saturday afternoon. Looks like summer is on its way. Hope you're keeping well my friend.


Nov-29-10 PaulLovric: i just had my first child on the 18 th of november 2010. All is well here in Tasmania
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Benzol: Congratulations on becoming a first time father.


Mar-21-11 PaulLovric: thanks. it has been a while since I have made any comments on this forum so I did not see your reply. I hope all is well across the Tasman, especially since the massive quack in christchirch
Apr-05-11 PaulLovric: Quake
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Richard Taylor: < PaulLovric: thanks. it has been a while since I have made any comments on this forum so I did not see your reply. I hope all is well across the Tasman, especially since the massive quack in Christchurch >

No! Quack is just right! Sounds just like all those bloody tiresome Christchurchians moaning about their pet disaster... after all, it was just a quack...are they men or mice (or e'en ducks?) down there?