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ROOMS 9 and to 10

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'Everything has a meaning.' She said. He nodded.



unto and into the slit green goat
unto and into the slit green goat
unto and into the slit green goat
unto and into the slit green goat
unto and into the slit green goat
unto and into the slit green goat
unto and into the slit green goat
unto and into the slit green goat

by grass and dust, the road I strode

who dances claps to flute and light in that genetic other dream?

how, at this light of time
a beingbright yetttasadark,
unblind never cold the dhapshpasdfses
this aspectwaett under the eye, and, breeding:
breed thus a truth? eral, trans cendenttruth that sdarkles
like a light on a ga y green a asdifstmas tree,t
some signal TERRIBLE LOVELY interchane mont:
thiasds, all this.... It began somehow, and I
and you also, got caught up in it all:
as ouy and the Begin: the big big single bang bang boom!
Ho wis it yoasf dintu ndferestand meawf ina the sdfu treasm
t: it terrified meandf
“and indeed as I know you are thinking, there are certain uncertainties
whose monstrous beauty is almost nearly tiresome:
Why couldnt the matter: the deep stuff in the dark spring of things:
why couldnt it get in control? as to be an inquiry of course. What was the matter with BREED THUS?
the matt? Could I tell you? astwey afg iasdfui;y That it kept throwing mold s, kep t
re-shaping – kept touching the clay and rebreeding life and so on:
but nothing is ever perfect as you’ve probably noticed. Matter
and fire for asddf examplae arwtyr apton asdfnnarvhiece surey foaweteveatwasd arq. To th traaccbeole seddaavmn vbnd I w onted u
The special thing that burns in the eye::
BURNS in theethre EYE doulsdf yhr shapees chabegne eber?
a compleconflict like adf e volumawe lysis of fsdf ans k sdga
The Jn, thec Mtnic thing: which evetr ns youon a sdt orout.
a enormouslumin osity grewwa e nd we were dumpfound ed: forgettinga whatw asa a in athty ggennetiivc overther rdwoaon (traum
black voons on oieyligeht sceoowleddded & blvk c faced moiorrers
“origin, orange, apple, or
where the serpent had parked the sedan beside the spreading sneer of the evening’s trees who were lush and unapproachable in the growing and licentious gloom whose possibilities mean so much, especially to the few
in the know. So I stand outside in derided non-decision, forever
a pastel perhaps: struggling to at least reach the status of a syllable, “.
hell of conjunctions, despairing boat of heaven’s
genetic imperative lost in (the) if it would
be thus be thus be what. but. when. Prog.the Prog. Prog bounced into the central oblonwoogle—twist by the slippery sexual whereroom was mother father maother father mnother afather sonme chadughter you fniwe are hjhrtuyoai lcv eoruihn rtied to fghrtohsdflhnsdf oshasduhrnrtnet muvhlyrei I fg ig agaotst
ARE WE unzipped up beside the orrogenous octomorph. THOSE CHEMICAL GHOSTS
could there (there) could there could beheard so commotion? and the Event Wave? Did they
mention the Event? loud? to startle the wave gods?
Richard, You MUST try to be more focused — your ideas and observations
are good, but you tend to wander A GREAT DEAL, repeat yourself etc. -
you must give yourself time to structure your work. Re—write, revise.
This was obviously written in a rush. C+/B+
But this issurela ya rrognic. Goodas a body of light
nota bene both the notion of infinity and that of information
both in philosophy and our “every day” are problematic concepts. It
is not known whether infInity exists either ideationally or de facto.
Cantor discovered the Aleph Null but the concept of countable sets
involves contradiction.As to information: information is not meaning.
Information is the greatness of differencebetween things.It would be
simplistic to conclude that knowledge ishence difference only . But
information is directly proportional tothe uncertainty of the
difference between the uncertaintyof a message beingexistent after
it has been received and the probability of their having been a
message before the information was sent. To pu t it mr cn c I *)\\\
gweryu juerqtyp432lo95879reh;kj4351vb87
bjh435g76986O924r9pj;wsal~)(*iT(LIH and thus:
information I received = log [ a posteriori probability
[ a priori pro bability
from which it can easily be seen that the greater the uncertainty,
the greater the information co nveyed
on the recurrent occasion of the obliteration/of hiztory,where the
carriage circles again/in the melancholy of departure
dice-bones, to calculate the odds
a mirror to distort the truth (The pieces are rearranged, not having moved)

something. something in the hole and screaming fothe right to die inside the vibrant
yet unspeakable bush of shells; one day to be
was it worth the sexless Beetroot Question yes?
and what of Blue Paste in Music Land? (matter?
about now and before there was an intense these are mountain days that corporate after everything.
Moogs, as you were well aware, were everywhere.
much as if the scapula zoomed out.
therapy? nothing
prepared us for. did thus if what i you did that
honey hot got poured? and as the. what if him the pen.
what burned? naturellement monsieur! Golly. perpetually reconstituted
inside the Basics or sunk in shit
while others did they made wheels of flesh.
Idiot Attack as it would if said: “thou cream-faced loon”.
who did he if it was orgulous require
“You! You gettin’ dawn thar an’ berry tha’ alt wead!”
duck waddle and
Twaddle Face (nervously), fingering his hegemony, mo
ved into the






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