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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The pure products of America go crazy. The mind's a queer sponge. The descent beckons -

Room 2A of Cell 1A

Is there - after?

Can there be?


the inquiry was which came first - but despite that - knowledge preemts decison, derision, power and politcal piracy: or does it? who'se missile site? who'se 'universe of anterooms'? was he? eh? did he? well well well, I'll be nevered! I'll be a bloody meatball! bugger me days it's hot this side of entropy. look white you right-side of inside. who are you where are the is the bad why because lack? no, not minus, it's not yet, Vector. if only we could eat. if only. if - if song then -( it did)

'stone dank green in rock when groan, she is not now, then, a tree can only see, as only if only a frog could croak: it's this we fake: for our light, was, a habit, desiring death (quite prior to the cathedral flower), because, of, tinge, tinge.'

It was early, but at least the mathy word men were busy chopping.


he looked death straight in his bloody boodshot eye

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