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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Room x112

explosions on a star



Anonymous said...

Blackness! Coming along on saturday, Richard?

Richard Taylor said...

On The Face Of The

There was a lot of darkness —
Dark darkness, and some light.
Light – yes - light: light and dark...
Less light than dark, but more dark than —
But I loved the dark. Came colour then.

The light and the dark seemed to know something —

Anyway - colour there was, and light there was,
And dark there was:

Then a pulsing, a squirming: movement! Yes!
Movement, yes, movement: and sound, there was sound.
Movement and sound. But the darkness —

That was first. First? What means ?

Yes, it was the light - like the doors,
Higher than God,
Had been wedged open
And all the light and
dark and sound and colour
Had writhed into being.

But then the black: black blackness and the sudden light.

Richard Taylor said...


In the middle of he blackness is a fragment of a sentence
This section began with a poem about some Jewish people and lead to various things then to The Holocaust etc - I cant seem to struggle out of the black to the light - but gradually this is happening - words after Auschwitz etc but there was an excellent programme on a guy who writes about his experience in Auschwitz yesterday on Opprah Winfrey - (I know!) - strange - but it was great and Opprah was also... but "this dark will lighten" (R A K Mason (book title)).

The Holocaust was said by Susan Sontag to be THE question of the 20th Century.

As to Saturday I am not sure.