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Friday, October 12, 2007

Room 73

That was their way. Lonely folk, ugly to look at and overfull of growth, but a blessing for each other, for the beasts, and for the earth.

calved. A great day in the wilderness, a joy and a delight … and there lay a pretty calf, a beauty, red-flanked like her mother, and comically bewildered at the miracle of coming into the world.

Coming back on foot the third day, he stopped as he neared the house, and stood listening. There was curious noise inside … A child crying – eyah, Herregud! … Well, there it was, but a terrible strange thing. And Inger never said a word.

The rugged man stood there with a miracle before him; a thing created first of all in a sacred mist, showing forth now in a life with a little face like an allegory. Days and years; and the miracle would be a human being.

Isak is a woodman, felling tre -

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