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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Room 77



Richard Taylor said...


EYELIGHT is work of incredible genius. You are a wonderful being and a great writer. You are NZ's if not the World's greatest living writer.

Perhaps the greatest writer ever to have lived on this spinning earth.

Jack Ross must be absolutely if not apoplectically and eternally & e'en everlastingly livid with a terrible envy and a deep chagrin bites into his bitter soul; for he knows he is as piece of gravel or grit to your blazing eminence - to your fiery glowing forest of wonders - he is as chaff - nay - as tired & tremulous and second rate dust in history's merciless wind - you are a vast mountain with a voice of awesome thunder (and betimes - such sonorous and exquisite melodies - some unheard in fact) that shall shine forever in human literary history.

You are NZ's Shakespeare to Jack Ross's Denham...or his even more turgid and bitter Carlysle. Why he may even have to pen a vast manuscript on some rebellion or something dangerous - then accidentally burn it or lose it and have to totally rewrite it!! Ha! ... (But it shall save him not -his life will end in servile,sad, and bitter servitude and dedication to YOUR great memory Richard!)

You are soooo wondderfuullll!!!



canvas prints said...

Ahh well it looks like Richard has said everything that needs to be said!

london canvas said...

Is this working properly?

Richard said...

Richard 18. Stop talking such endless drivel!! I've warned you before. Richard 6.

Richard said...

That was Richard 488. He's well down the list so no wonder. Richard 18 has his moments but is relatively rational. Richard 4.