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Friday, February 15, 2008

Room 222 gi



And another god impelled this All-

And vast the silence, the heart:


The sacred sacred heart

- We were unsighted by this fire.


Vast sea, empty sea -

In your green visions we untounged

- Searched we our hearts,


Nothing knowing of the core, the centre,

The nexus of stasis,

The thunder of the drumming of unsound.


Das Meer is unt Leer,

Unt Lear was crazed with blinded knowing -


(This much we know, as we are darked.)



tertius said...

yes the dems will contain and the reps will expand they are two sides to the same coin. Composition is as important to text as it is to music compare Bach to say Stravinsky what do you think?

tertius said...

The Fischer king lands in the marketplace of ben johnson and approaches the stallholder a mighty elephant with immense size and power who proceeds to crush all other stalls across the domains. All other beasts are dispersed but for a few ants who continue to multiply as they follow the surge of the elephant as he travels so far from the intial stall as his supplies stretch and break there is disorder and decay no executive or legislative council then the fischer king surfaces here to ease the night of dark that follows day .The mighty elephant rules domain new all crushed but for a few he weakens far from home and is eaten heartily as the ants dine spurn and ingest his marrow bone.

tertius said...

The gloomed pantomime in dark is the pants and mime the walker the talker the tower and the mob light the heath for king and fool

tertius said...

Rejoice regard the bard emerge radiant light. Give means to the muse and the magic sight. The lady lands there and conjures the bright. It is where they recieve the right and its might.