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Monday, February 11, 2008

Room 225

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came here via reading the Maps and I am NOT impressed.

As a typical reader, I want had-hitting action, bang for me bick, NOT self-indulgent postasting and circle jerks by pseudonyms.

C'mon, mate, have some self-respect: do Live or do you EXIST?

You fucking cunt.

10:38 PM

Blogger Richard Taylor said...

Thanks for your feedback.

Great to hear from you!


1:17 AM


Anonymous said...

tertius asks the latest anon comments are seeped in negativity Lord Taylor, who out there has so much anger at poetry if this does not do it for you abuser find another hooker. Richard do you still sell books at the K rd , tertius been away from the long white cloud since 2002 hope your whanau are well send regards esp to Vic have some good memories of drunken madness is Frank still a slut did you do any post grad courses. tertius has run an escort agency and car rental simultaneously in last 5 years Dont you perform live anymore?

tertius said...

tertius had a paper on auck poets to a foreign audience my anon comments are introduced by tertius so u know the diff however if my research is unwelcome i will stop enquires came upon your blog via auck poetry randomly .Did not realise how defensive readers are like soapbox those anon abuses are mystifying to me because this reader is personally attacking a fucking bunch of words learn how to critique otherwise meet in the street and lets get violent u fucking faggots there you go we are all peasants now

tertius said...

tertius has comments on room107 and 200 been away for a month had written a small fiction on a uni lecturer eliminating poets on the live circuit to protect his privileged position. The background is from the late 1960s vietnam war woodstock beatniks etc the theme echoes the undermining of rock stars overdosing etc connections with film industry music and arts to maintain the right wing establishment indeed a conspiracy but not paranoid even serial killers could have been manipulated by religious cults and mind control techniques .The peace movement encouraged to later undermine it and denounce left wing liberal decadence. Didnt Hitler burn the reichstag to enact martial law circa 1933?

tertius said...

have returned to the earlier question from Fischer and this cannot be overlooked but the jewish problem in europe developed a modern israel so who benefitted in the long term? forced evictions and concentration camps are a means and the germans were adjutants for the industrial complex who pushed the front to the middle east.

Anonymous said...


I'm going to bury you!

Anonymous said...



up to your neck
in shit.

tertius said...

not unlike the eastern front for the german forces in russia outside stalingrad. Fischer a chessmaster observes the american advance into the middle east and who wants to bury tertius what is this hostility

tertius said...

if poetry cannot be an outlet for social and political commentry then this is entropic and closed to the world. Doesnt the military general manipulate his troops for gain or the political leader seek votes all these movements like the chess pieces on a board or words on a page or the voice in a performance are used to the similar effect. From one state to another state

tertius said...

poetic deconstruction the american way you are familiar with this am poetry stage3 1992 auck uni . Have responded to your blog on these matters even in the american constitution is the prevalence of the indivduals rights and his freedoms alongside god "inalienable rights." The english bill of rights in magna carta binds the king to his barons and not the barons to the king. Tribal rights in maoridom bind the treaty of waitangi.Then there are the judicial precedents that influence the courts. It seems difficult to reconcille poetic structure like a sonnet with the ramblings of gertrude stein or the beatniks being in the 'here and now' Dont accuse me of anti americanism look at the poems of the 19th cent and poe etc but the continuity towards the late 20th cent asserts the rights of the individual above all and the deconstuction of language and democracy of words binding the poetry to textual chaos this development to textual equality means the poetry suffers from isolation denying the fundamentals of poetry being to communicate emotions or thoughts between the text and the reader or audience. That is why the structure of the "absolute blackness' poem has more of a significant deliverance than any "deconstruction" poem because the positions of the text are valued to deliver meaning to the reader not seek to destroy it.

tertius said...

tertius considers the dissemblance that you may recall from the restoration dramas of the late 16th cent where appearances in societal behaviours are multi layered in language being used for deception and truths being hidden .Recall Volpone and others. This relates to language used in sub cultures to distinguish themselves from other groups then we have group dialects and terminologies. So theres the eliz chain of order with it bindings as Cordelia loves Lear her father according to her bond no more or less Lear is decieved by the flattery of goneril and regan so disinherits Cordelia . Out on the heath later on Lear with his fool the king rips off his clothes and the thunder cracks , the chain undone. Push forward to the restoration and language has become a weapon itself and then the horror tragedies after shakesp where chaos reigns according to individual greed and ambitions. So tertius asks where are the differences between political social and artistic or military dissemblers in language poetic or propoganda So when the fischer king in eliots wasteland attacks the militancy of israel are the charges not just ,despite crimes by others. The holocaust is then used to expand the industrial military complex in the middle east. They had able instructors.

Richard Taylor said...


i know who you are now - main thing is are you o.k.?



Richard Taylor said...

I wont respond to all this - directly - as such just yet but - I acknowledge the Restoration stuff (some great plays in that time)- Barthholmew Fair BTW was one of my favourites and also Lear [very important play to me and also a "subtext" here on EYELIGHT] of course but also the more clearly Restoration comedies excellent 'The Man of Mode' and many others... - but I have often if I ever knew - the exact significance of the Fisher-King - I have "The Golden Bough" [must consult or consult good old Google] (I never looked at Jessie Weston's book though - but I have a Reader's Guide to Eliot etc) - and I realise you are punning on Bobby Fischer's name - but there is also Parsifal you mentioned (I like some of Wagner but I couldn't get the energy to read what Parsifal was all about - I used to love Italian Opera as teenager but the words didn't matter - (although I knew what was going on in Aeida - Rossini's (or was it by another Italian composer?) Romeo and Juliet?) ) - I know also that Eliot used Wagner's method of leitmotif's etc...Tiresius's role I understand, also the Tarot Pack etc...

BTW Chess for me is not really greatly significant outside of the game itself - I suppose that is why I like such as Raymond Roussell who wrote: "Locus Solus" - he influenced John Ashbery (he intended to do a Phd on him)

But Chess has obvious symbolism here (as struggle or war etc) but also at times (as I sometimes I depict them here on EYELIGHT) - almost as if the the pieces were people - which is what fascinated me about Chess when I was a child - and I suppose that is one reason for the images on (previous posts) but also I "discovered" Chess by reading "Alice Through the Looking Glass"

Frank's much the same (always has a woman on the go!) but getting older - I have lost weight and feel better for it - Vic also!

You can take Fischer's anti Semitism with big grains of salt (he was a good friend of the Polgar sisters -all Jewish) - he didn't understand world politics very deeply - he understood a lot and was right on many things but wrong on a lot of others..sad case at worst - at best a very interesting person...not boring like poor old Ed!!! Spassky told us (simul he played in Auck. in 1988) that he "loved" Fischer.

I don't support Israel as an Imperialist Power but I am not antisemitic or even anti Israel.

Nor do I 'agree' with everything from the Middle East - but a lot of that is exaggerated by the US press etc and Bush's mates...

Interesting comments and way of writing you have here - a bit incoherent - (deliberate tactic?) but in the body of what you say the language is interesting! Quite dynamic at times -if with a kind of "old world" and Gothic impress or "leaning"...

I rarely perform live these days - don't drink (always when I was reading I was drunk or pretty much so) hardly at all these days - because of the madnesses!!!

More anon! Mein Irisch-kiwi freund!

I was playing some of the Handel just today!


Richard Taylor said...

Don't sell books on K-Road - broke my leg in 2004 - excuse to stop.

Still dabble in los libros.


Richard Taylor said...

"...have returned to the earlier question from Fischer and this cannot be overlooked but the jewish problem in europe developed a modern israel so who benefitted in the long term? forced evictions and concentration camps are a means and the germans were adjutants for the industrial complex who pushed the front to the middle east.."

But many Jewish people e.g. Oliver Sacks completely rejected Zionism (they used to have Zionist meetings in his parents house -they were Jewish) -

The "Jewish problem" was really a human problem...

But indeed in a way one can see the Jews being manipulated for political ends and even today, through Israel, Jews are manipulated by the US Imperialists...used - yes - as pawns.

That said Israel exists and has done well (albeit - often at the expense of others - but that is called colonialism and happened here (NZ in the 180s) to a large extent) - we need some serious peace to break out.

Then look at these issues.