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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ante Room 2344

.....................................Poetry Reading

Poetry Reading - Blockhouse Bay Library 2 pm this Thursday I will be giving a poetry reading at the BLOCKHOUSE BAY LIBRARY at - 578 Blockhouse Bay Road - (Auckland NZ) this Thursday (18th Sept) at 2 pm as a part of The NZ Book Week.( Ph for Library 374 1311.)

All welcome - free. It will probably be a small event. I will read poems from various stages of my "age and life" and from my three books.

Perhaps it could be an opportunity to discuss what literature is and what poetry is etc in light of my EYELIGHT (" 'infinite" poem' " based) project (and the many developments of other writers - "postmodern" or political, lyrical, nihilistic, sad happy, deluded, or philosophical - or just
"beautiful, (how do we define "beauty"?)), or other - and the shifting nature of art or literature in the "modern" world or an opportunity to catch up, abuse me, or be nice to me; have a cup of tea or whatever and so on...

Titus and possibly Maps will be there or there in spirit if not substance - and my latest book "Conversation with a Stone" should be there...

The Immortal Jack Ross will be there in spirit and glory of his great (if absent) personage - and will caste his Great Beneficence on the event...

Giordono Bruno, Raymond Lull, Eva Android, Marx, E P Thomson, Eros, Levinas, Derrida, Barthes, Sam Hunt, Bill Manhire, Hitler, John Key (he is a great poetaster I am told), Orwell, and Ovid - or their shades - all may also put in an appearance...


seaplumber said...

great lineup

i'll get a ticket on the next flight out ;)

Richard Taylor said...

thanks - seaplumber! your welcome here... lol

Michael Steven said...

Hi Richard,

I'm really sorry I missed your reading. My car died a few weeks back, and am at the mercy of the 3rd World public transport system.

How did it go?


Richard Taylor said...

Hi Michael

It was good -not many there but they were interested - I am thinking I maybe able to give larger readings at night (in the future) as I managed that quite well - I talked about poetry and read also.

Give me a call sometime - BTW I have a mate who is a mechanic -
He doesn't charge too much or he might be able to get you a good and relatively cheap car.