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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

G L O R Y!

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Art, Love and War

Nature and Freedom

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Guess Who Re-Started the War in Vietnam?

(See explication below)

British Officers (in 1945) making sure their Japanese Allies have good weapons to fight Commos and other Baddies...

Yes! The British and the French made an agreement in about 1945 to occupy each others' former colonies and the British went into Vietnam -where the Vietnamese Liberation Army had defeated the Japanese without any outside help - the Japanese had been put into jails by the Vietnamese. But the British fought their way in - then meeting stiff resistance form the Vietnamese people - decided to free the Japanese soldiers - supply them with guns - and send then into the jungle to fight the Vietnamese. Ultimately the Vietnamese won again but in the meantime there was enough time for the French or reinvade -but after another 10 years they were completely defeated at Dien Bien Phu. The U.S. - rejecting Vietnam's calls for elections - then started bombing the place without declaring war (as they always -quite rightly and wisely - do as you never know with these foreigners! Declaring war can be dodgy!).

Of course they did this as it was necessary to burn and or kill women men and children etc and to accelerate the cause of democracy. As above (next post) of course it is explained why they had to rape women and kill people at the My Lai massacre site...

For complex but similar reasons the US now help everyone by putting people in chains men on an island in Cuba or by wiping out entire villages in Afghanistan. The British Army are also involved in helping there ( and even the NZ army is killing people there with great gusto - thank God for Phil Goff!! Saviour of the West from Arabs and Terrorists!) in their heroic and glorious status as in they were in Vietnam so long ago.

Bombs Away!

More bombs were dropped on Vietnam week by week that were dropped during the whole of WWll

But let us stand at dawn and remember our brave ANZAC soldiers (from NZ and Australia) and soldiers from the US -this picture shows the immense courage and dedication of the military men to freedom and the right to a decent Western way of life...

The Brave Struggle for Freedom Must Never End

Liberation through Burning!

(Beautiful vistas of the Vietnam War)

The Heroic US Infantry in Action!!

Brave US men fight the deadly enemy who could lurk anywhere - here they are seen spreading the great news of "democracy" and freedom" and the wonders of Capitalism
to a clearly evil and godless people... Iraq and Afghanistan - here we come!!

Love and Good will from the US Skies - Whoopie and Hoorah and Hallelooloo for the American Way!

Napalm -dropped on children and others in Vietnam and also in the First Gulf War on Iraqi soldiers who had already surrendered and is probably is still being used by the US and the British etc in Iraq and Afghanistan. It burns and cannot be removed - it sticks and burns...



"Human kind cannot bear too much reality." T. S. Eliot Burnt Norton


Giovanni Intra 1968 - 2002

...........................................UNTITLED 1995 - 1996

"Everyone who makes work has to live out the boundary of their own fantasy, it's an undeniable condition of practice. I do live the work, but in my own terms. There are aspects of my life where I do participate in areas which may be regarded as transgressive. But really, what is
transgression.?... "

I deduced that the artist, a young man of 34: possibly gay, and possibly a Catholic New Zealander of Italian derivation, and also likely to have been of quite wide learning; particularly in the classics, had committed suicide -by the date and age of the artist - and the "plinyism", the mirror or inverted Ns etc - and his references to "transgression" in accompanying notes .

We all transgress.

I was also attracted to the black and the white and the (more or less) rectangular shapes - the open layout.


Mother and son.

My grandson - fascinated by the beautiful flamingos. His father is German.

Trimaran by the Panmure Wharf, where the Yacht Club is - and various Rowing Clubs

Things transform.

Maungarei from the eastern slope. The basin can be seen in the background.

I feel an immense ecstasy when I see such beautiful flowers -these are wild flowers on Maungarei. There was Pa here and around on the surrounding fertile volcanic land Maori cultivated kumara and they also gathered shell fish (middens are visible on the Mountain).

There have been a number of cases in the news of Maori and others involved in terrible child abuse -this is an ongoing problem in NZ -not confined to Maori and Pacific Islanders -but percentage wise they ""do"most crime etc - especially the "visible" crime.... there are complex reasons why many Maori are tormented, careless of others, or even themselves, high drug users, even very paranoid and often very corrupt. Probably prior to the degenerating influence of European colonisation Maori were more adjusted to what is quite a harsh environment. Where I live signs of degeneracy and demoralisation and examples of vandalism and of all kinds of crime and vandalism are everywhere - there is a general uncaring attitude the by Polynesians -but this is to generalise - as there are also many good people here. The tragedy began with colonialisation -but perhaps we - all of us -Maori, Pakeha, whatever race or ilk -perhaps we are all potentially fucked in the head. Unfortunately too many Polynesians and Maori are of a "low moral quality"... despite the Islanders' obsession with bible bashing... But humans and life are complex.

And crime and 'degeneracy' exists of course amongst people of whatever class or economic status or ethnicity. The problem is perhaps in the "deep structures" and the history -the alienation talked about by Marx; and this applies to my own culture (English parents, NZ born).

Nor have the Police shown much compassion either, or any real will to assist -with their treatment of Maori and their very uncaring attitude - nor did the Clark Government - with raids on Maori in the Tuhoe areas - and the attempt to steal more land from Maori via the act to grab more Maori land and seashore and sea bed rights - that is their attempt to circumvent or violate the Treaty and their lack of action for Maori or immigrants...

Kotuku - a sea bird. A bird. Another look at this mysterious and beautiful thing.

The Kotuku is a native bird associated with the Panmure lagoon - which isn't far from where Maori had a Pa (Mokoia - destroyed in the musket wars (around the 1820s) by Hongi Hika after he went to England and studied warfare methods, particularly Roman and other as the guest of George (one of the Georges!) - he had a suit of mail and built siege towers and slaughtered all (or most of) the Maori at Mokoia ... esp. as they didn't have as any muskets.

Canoes or waka were built at the lagoon. The Kotuku is often seen, as are kingfishers, shags, gulls, oyster catchers, ducks and other birds who dive for fish - the ones I'm thinking of kind of bring their wings close together and almost drop like the sleek Stukka German dive bombers into Poland in 1939 after Hitler dressed Poles in German uniforms, had them shot, took photos of them dead, blamed the Poles on terrorist acts (as Bush blamed terroism on the 9/11 fiasco) -and sent them on their heroic, glorious, and fateful missions - urging them, as true warriors of the Reich, to "Show no pity."

But aircraft are as beautiful as are birds. The picture is not as clear as I would like and I do have an SLR but it is not digital so I will one day perhaps get a much more versatile camera (or use the Pentax and get the films digitized)- with a better depth of field, different lense angles, and variable apertures and shutter speeds and perhaps with a greater pixellation capacity etc

Home architectured in "tudoresque" style at the Panmure Basin - this "basin" was created by a violent volcanic eruption about 9000 years ago and we saw geologists investigating (with drills)
rock samples. They subsequently established that a second eruption had occurred...
Japanese and Chinese and other tourists climb Mt Wellington and peer into the crator -half expecting (e'en half hoping?) it to re-erupt. Such is sublime the power of nature.

The deathly and merciless ferocity of nature... Mr's Smith's nieghbour Grace is in the local historical society.

My mate Brian Mace used to "lead" us kids in the 50s...we used to play endless games, go the "flicks", and Brina would invent games all the time ... Robbing orchards (the mainly European people round here all had them in those days) or sneaking inside peoples' houses were two ... Life was eternal when I was young.

"Shell and Gnome garden" in GI as discussed below.

The people here -while -or because they are - European and well to do - are a decent,moral kind people with standards - and they keep their houses well and have great gardens and self respect.
However the shell and gnome house (above a bit) is a a garden kept by Pacific Island people in Glenn Innes showing that people can achieve beauty regardless of class or income or race etc
Today the Pacific people working on their garden said a kind hello to us.

Close up of lilacs by the beautiful houses fronting the Panmure Basin

Room x exp z


Anonymous said...

Who you man?

maps said...

Another exceptional post Richard: so many threads of discourse coming together without the least pretentiousness. I would like to write properly about this extraordinary project called Eyelight when I have the time.

Richard Taylor said...

"Maps>" - Thanks! It;s great to get comment - it's hell out here!! - I started this one intending "only" to put some art - images on here.

I was just thinking -that the "transgression" here linked in (fortuitously) with various kinds (war etc) - including my own (sense of guilt?) ..not sure...but a lot is as if planned and perhaps too much so - so it remains less "accessible" - and I don't want to put myself "at a distance"...or be too didactic or "clever" and so on...

My ongoing processional or phenomenological "method" (and the mix and modulation of topoi might confuse people - such as "anonymous". But I don't mean to hurt people unless I feel that I must address some injustice - however imperfectly - and however very flawed I am myself.

And yet this entire thing has become strange new poem.

I intend to write about Jack's work -
I should also write about you and some of the other "rogues" !

...(but I have been divigating as usual)

Anonymous said...

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Obama owes the American public the irrevocable proof that he is a nigger, and this proof can only come from a photograph of his penis. I say again, if this was a Republican President elect, the “Bush stole the election” left would be screaming their heads off.

The left’s frantic mission to label those who merely want to see a photograph of his penis as insane says more about their own desperate insanity than anything else. They are sadly uninformed, and until they get informed, I’d advise they drop the air of patronising arrogance.

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The photo that would prove the point is the one he refuses to release for public scrutiny. The photograph held in his wife’s bedroom is the one his media team won’t release. Why on earth wouldn’t he release it? Why would he put his whole Presidency under a cloud, and risk being labeled an impostor, when the solution is so simple. All people are asking him to do is release the photograph.

Full of bluster, denigration and hate, not one of you simple minded Leftists will address the question. Please tell me. Why won’t he release the photograph showing his penis size?

This is a racial issue. It is not going to go away.

Richard Taylor said...

"I want proof that Obama is a nigger.

If he does not produce photographs showing that his penis is at least nine inches in length then he is lying to the population of the United States...."

Jack - how could you of ALL people use the N word!

Richard Taylor said...

Anonymous said:

"I want proof that Obama is a nigger.

If he does not produce photographs showing that his penis is at least nine inches in length then he is lying to the population of the United States.

Obama owes the American public the irrevocable proof that he is a nigger, and this proof can only come from a photograph of his penis. I say again, if this was a Republican President elect, the “Bush stole the election” left would be screaming their heads off.

The left’s frantic mission to label those who merely want to see a photograph of his penis as insane says more about their own desperate insanity than anything else. They are sadly uninformed, and until they get informed, I’d advise they drop the air of patronising arrogance."

Yes!! Yes!! - You raise (but be thankful you have something to raise!) some deeply vital and profoundly pertinent issues/questions/misgivings and foregivings (testicular and funicular); here; that are surely of International and World (Universical?) Historic importance import, depth, timbre, textual, material and immense significance. Many of the anaemic left have swallowed the myth of Obama's "Niggerness" - and if he IS having us all on - we are in deep crap -

For this reason alone I refer you to Maps and many other "lefties" - but I have forewarded your communication to all the world leaders concerned including Phil Goff, Helen Clark, DR Phil, the President of China and Mugabe (I have soft spot for the latter myself - although I have never been apprised of the dimensions of his appendices...); and my next door neighbours...

The last thing we want is weakness!
And a President sporting a limited - or "challenged" - appendage - or attesting to one - is surely no President to be following in the great (nay giant - if not gigantic!!) foot steps of
those other great US leaders such Stalin Roosevelt or General Ogama Lee...

It may in fact be in violation of the US Constitution (sub section 6547454543434343343##4343#####98878987 and perhaps even International law - to be a President Elect or non Elect in Ownership or Possession (knowingly so I mean) of a limited or dwindled appendage (our very own PM John Key - who BTW is of the Hebaric persuaion - may indeed also be required to be inspected and why not?!! Eh??!!!@! - [but I agree in advance absolutely - BUT we KNOW who runs the Internat. laws! Ho Ho!!][HO!!] -

so I have referred your brilliant points, you exquisite scintillations:: to the FBI the FBB the CIA the CIB'; the CIC27;; the KGB2 the SISS the OSS;; the PGYSS the MSSDRS9 the FRTSS876X the NZBC the CNN, John Pilger, David Nixon, Michael Jackson, teh Dalia Lama, Bill Johns, Reuters and ASP, and many other relevant organizations including Interpol, the Mongrel Mob, the Auckland City Mayor (and other NZ and even US Mayors), the local Constabulary and the Dept of International American Niggerational Affairs, the Ministry of Love and Enlightenment, the BBC, Mumbai, and also the Dept of Penises... and I have made many calls to the Whitehouse, The Queen (HRH), Buckingham Palace (the Castle in Peking for Chinese Presidents etc), The Beehive, my Local, and elsewhere - vociferously demanding answers to these vital existential political, legal, Dialectical Materialistical, logistical, phistical, evolutional, psycholgical, pugilogicalistical, medical, otherical, ethnicalistical, historical, worrimisticamisticalisticalistalogicalistical, relatavistical, vexillogical, whimsical, ,musical, social, psychobiological, phenomenological, Jungian and deeply Derridean questions...

tertius said...

Joshua 7:26 The children of Israel have become doomed to destruction...unless you destroy the accursed from among you. And to the Left in NZ that has fragmented [labour/new labour/social democrats/maori party/greens etc...]So lose a coherent mandate and clear policy and alas lose office. Wonderful blog . Unite Left under the banner of Righteosness....RT for President make your run now...Maps as Prime Minister...Frank as Chancellor of the Exchequer...tertius as Minister of Propoganda and for the Queen...wham bamm thank you Mamm!

Richard Taylor said...

tertius - good to see you comment

tertius said...

At Christ Mass time Peace be with You and Your Whanau Regards Aaron Megido

Richard Taylor said...

tertius - Merry Xmas to you and all !!

I had good day with my family.

Anonymous said...

Great photo-prose essay, Richard. MErci from Paree. Have asked administrator and your sound files will be uploaded on February 1st onto the Titus Books sound files site. Sorry for the confusion there. ALl the best for 2009. So the BRitish are to blame at origin. Good stuff! YEah well, they are all in it together, demons prancing around their mutilated victims. Why should we think things will suddenly get better? Best, Bill Direen

Richard Taylor said...


Thanks - it seemed silky to have the files there and no reaction even if only about 1 person in a billion ever looks at the files in question.