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Friday, May 15, 2009


T H E = You= T U B E = P O E M

NOTE - try starting one or more or all the videos at once - no irony is intended here - despite the quite obvious comicality that may and often does occur! - the limit is reality - else all human experience is valid and we must treat each being and each thing or phenomena with great gentleness and concern - let us hope despite or because of our mortality and the errors we have made - let us try to experience and love - [ the joy, the darkness, the death, light; and the precariousness and the endless insanity of the all too human...] all persons and all things - let us learn the depth and gentleness of people at their best (and perhaps what is "worst" in this ridden universe...) and such as Cage; his traffic silence, his laughter! ; please don't elevate one person or thing above another; and, yet, listen to the eternally fragment disparate sounds laugh at the colourful madness or strangeness of it all; and study the various movies ... laugh, yes laugh, and react [react!?] or not, and take whatever ideas or experiences you can...