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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Room 3000


Video by Nik Alexander

I will add more YouTube's of NZ poets as I get them - on here - or in later posts

The quote below "It is easier to die than remember." Is rather gnomic. It is from Briggflats by Basil Bunting - in the YouTube below. I am not completely sure what it means - I have an idea. But somehow it caught my imagination and attention...

Does anyone know? Of course it is a a part of his longer work.

I would like to get - if possible - videos or audios of May Swenson reading - I have heard her read - she is great.

Apart from (the many very good) NZ poets I want there are of course many great poets throughout the world. I find the US poets (e.g) under the aegis of Heijinian all a bit formal and dull - but Hejinian is indeed a very interesting - but none of those "Lunch Poets" can read very well. The British seem to produce the best readers - I mean - of the English speaking poets. I even find Ashbery a bit dull - but his poetry is wonderful. But of course there are many poets everywhere and we are only seeing a small sample at this stage. Be good to see Bishop read...I have heard here. Of course there is Dylan Thomas, Eliot... Auden, Stein (she is good) MacNeice - he is good. Many others -I shall explore!


Murray is a genius of his kind who is quite often at PoetryLive - one of a crazy kind!


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