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Monday, October 24, 2011

Room -  'A' to base 10 exp 120.01

I don’t want to go and to not be I don’t want to I  don’t want to I don’t  want to I and don’t want to I don’t want to into the 

                                  and to not be I don’t want to  and not to be

                                  and not to be

                                  and not to be

I dont want to dont want to dont want to go

                                                                  I don’t want to go and to not be
                                              I don’t want to go and to not be                                   
                                                     I don’t want to go and to not be I don’t want to go and to not be



Scott said...

Don't go then! We need your writing! And I need something for you for brief #44. Given the theme of the issue I was hoping that I might be able you to make a violent attack on Alfred Dommett's dreadful 19th century epicRanolph and Amohia. Dive it, hack away, reconstruct, improvise...?

Richard said...

According to my "NZ Book Values" published in 1872 It sold for $140 via Bethunes in 1996.

I saw you had a Pasifika theme and I psycho-groaned. But then I had some ideas.

I thought I might link some NZ -Samaon and Maori artists writers (Andy Lelei, Parekowhai, Wendt and others) my own learning of Samoan (and some Maori etc), a poem I wrote "to" Robert Sullivan (I was at one of his book launch's) and one I wrote about the Maori etc crossing the Pacific and so on. Also something of my mother's experiences in Ocean Island etc
And a link to "The Dominion" and also Mason (RAK and Bruce?...hmmm...the Golden Weather* ad great film and a great book also) as I have known those poetpoemssince 1965 or so!
That is something "fragmented" like Ted's thing in the last issue of Brief.

But then I fell into lethargy again...

What is the deadline if Comrade Maps has such a thing?

Dr Hamish "Pound's Cantos and Now Computers are All" Dewe accused me,albeit semi-humourously, of not paying my sub. I believe he lives in your might be able to sort him out.

And what is terrible about Dommett's book? I don't know it.

I just sent "Tikera" (about Maori and Wisniowski,who was Polish), off, it was a novel written (originally in 1877).

The stupid thing is I didn't even read it or even a part of it...Smithyman wouldn't be impressed. But one cant read everything.

*Smithyman found the link to the title The Golden Weather from the book by Thomas Wolfe 'The Web and the Rock' in which it is the title of a novel! Mason also said (probably unbeknown to KS) that was where he got the title for his "Play". Another link...

Richard said...

Of course "the going" is general existential etc, I don't plan on going just yet!

But age and death is a reality we all face.

Richard said...

Here one can read the whole of "Tikera", set during the NZ Wars and in an age of oil exploration in NZ!. It has an intro by McEldowny: