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Sunday, August 12, 2012




Intending to give a direct explication of what I want to do in regard to EYELIGHT and my writing etc I again found myself carried away by the use of images and some satire, pseudo philosophy, “silly buggers” etc There is nothing wrong with writing with “silly buggers” as such, but it wasn’t where I wanted to go, and probably caused confusion, irritation and doubt.

Here, in this Post, is what I intended, in principle to do. My last post is however an example of the kind of mix of ideas and “categories” I sometimes want to achieve, and a model or example of the creative process or a model of the interaction or combination of art and knowledge and other themes.

But for my own and perhaps others use I’ll lay out the more rational version, as I realize that my last post really is only a trip and far from the clear exposition I wanted. However my use and abuse of the interaction of or the integration and or the combination of “art”, “science” (even if pseudo!), and other things is shown. For me the images are kind of “talking”. 

So here is a list and a “diagram-explanation” of some of the projects I intend. How much I fulfill this will be seen as time passes. At least I will have a structure or outline to refer to.


1) To continue EYELIGHT more or less as it is but to add

2) To create Another Blog, I’ll call it AB, which is more DIRECT and relatively serious, in which I can do book or art reviews, discuss general matters etc

3) To eventually either put WHAT WE HAVE BEEN READING onto its own Blog but for now to continue working on that project or “hobby”.

4) To write a novel.

5) To “publish” most of my poems (for reference and record) either on a Blog or on properly designed web page.


In regard to EYELIGHT I will continue much as I have done with the various categories either “feeding” into and or combining with each other to create “outputs” or new forms.

The various categories may constitute separate Blogs or maybe kept in Word files only.

I intend to continue to get up to date with these and What we have been reading.

For this I have already begun several Word files with data and ideas on them.

The Novel is a separate project (I have some ideas for it but so far there are definitely no links to EYELIGHT etc.)  I intend to use more or less conventional methods of plot, structure etc and the novel wont be “difficult”. I see the need to “sell it” (I don’t necessarily mean literally.)

The Infinite Poem – this is the kind of substratum of EYELIGHT, which, as a project (as it has become) modulates between Order and Disorder. Clarity and opacity.

But in other things a more direct approach will now be used.

This may all sound quite boring but I find it useful to make some plans.

(One reason was my own ‘laziness’ and a lack or coherence in what I was doing, and even getting small bits of information or “ideations” into Word files helps me somewhat Whether anything will come of it I have no idea.)*

*[A note: While I certainly didn’t start out modeling things on what Alan Sondheim has been doing it has had some influence and since about 2000 or so when I got computer I have been fascinated by his Meditation on the Internet. I don’t understand fully what Alan is doing, but I used to collect much of what he put up on the Buffalo Poetics discussion List and sent him a book on NZ History for a CD he did and so on. We have had disagreements but his work and methodology fascinates me. (But it is his deeply beautiful use of poetical-prose language that amazes me most.) My feeling is he is also too “deep and wide ranging" and even too intelligent for himself...that said, I also feel he is an example of some on who, at many points in what he is doing, exhibits a kind of poetic genius although he (as would I) deny that he is only a poet or even poet at all…he was associated with Language Movement at one stage (and Kathy Acker was an influence and a friend I believe) and has been active in the creation of the Internet in both the technical and the software sense – that is hardware and software (terminology he integrates into his “artpoems” [he works virtually in all media including film] as indeed I postmodern writers bring the ‘materia’ they are using into their art [the materials or the signifiers or the signs become a part of the “matter” or network of images?] or writing) but he combines his knowledge with philosophical and artistic and even musical creativity. While his Meditation is not what I am doing it is kind of parallel to what I am doing, it echoes it (in some aspects) – but I have not been involved say in film making or Vispo and nor do I have a very deep knowledge of philosophy etc

But like other modern “projectists” such as Susan Howe or Tina Darragh or Silliman etc Alan shows a unique way forward in creative terms. In NZ Wystan Curnow and even Alan Loney have been inspirations for me (whereas much as I admire the unique genius of Smithyman and I have been influenced a little by him, He is on a different direction and although I believe Atua Wera is a great modern NZ epic. What I am doing (postmodernist multimedia project?) is and has been done in many ways in different ways or approaches by many others. I add only my own personal “stamp”.]     

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