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Saturday, October 13, 2012

            NEW BLOG   

I have begun the new Blog

 "Richard, You MUST try to be more focused - "

There is link on here (above on my Blog List) but I have it only so far got some images so it wont "respond" yet. My apologies...

I want to use it as a stand alone but also in parallel to and as a part of EYELIGHT which will continue as long as I do I hope. But it will be more a place I can point to other aspects of what I am doing.

Various topics I have in my mind.

The first one may in fact deal with the fact I am now a grandfather twice over!

But I want to do some reviews and commentaries on books new and old..either of contemporary NZ writers or others.  There are the Titus writers and I will certainly be looking closely at Scott Hamilton;s 'Feeding the Gods' .

Reminiscences of past events in my life and old friends etc (I am now 64).

Politics (and who knows, religion, art etc etc [possibly even chess]) will no doubt make its way in and my views on matters - various events in my own life. how to make them interesting! 

In addition either as Blog or as project on my own computer etc I want to continue my What You and I have been reading - which will have two components so it could split into two Blogs (but that is in the future).