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Monday, June 09, 2014

Graffiti I

                                G=R= A


----------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------

*               *               *            *            *            *            *            *             *             *  

         *             *               *            *            *            *           *             *               *                

*              *               *             *            *            *            *            *             *              *




he had a very strong mother
who took him out of his dream
and he shuddered again
because once it was not as it is now,
for we must be something.
but you, you yearn-fear for the
the black absolution,
that envelope of veins
that geners like a river
a “hoo” echo out of a bone ghost,
only if only the stones.
the hard mother might
weaken to a dwarfic or a deaf,
if only the stones would rage in an acorn.
I must awake now
and torch the night:
the walls hunger for graffitos
that’s greater than Twombly.
let’s go out, let’s riot, let’s smash somethin’
because of the father mother, setting fire.
what and where again is me how howled
some increep, yet there are flashes
you know me, and once i told. She bitch
flung me into the rich arms of those fires
who kinded my death terror.
mother mother of all would not allow
those boy bullies to hack me, and so I winked, and
later my running up caught me -
burning ecstatic on the anvilled evil -
who had often breathed and knew my own knowing,
as a cat knows it is sleeping. these blood
tellings moan like Five Thousand Wind,
and he is complete of his replete, so he is,
setting forth to Flat Mountain. he is no terror
but begins a sculpture and maketh colour of
the return, SKAZ i am seize me, king
of myself on painting walls and white flats,
like my cave before me it’s right to rebel
kill the cops and smash the eye dream,
strong mother, gun; where are we now?



the black absolution,
that envelope of veins
that geners like a river
a “hoo” echo out of a bone ghost,

Being is Seeing.


Let’s look into things.

the microscope
whose appellation
calls its calling

“When I look into
 the dead sheep’s eye
 it seems to me
 its not dead.
How could it be dead?

“The people in towns
 don’t look at the stars,
 that’s what I do.”

We interspeak.

"Some times I believe there is a world,
but sometimes I think: no! no!  this cannot be!”

some inflating domains
create internal random
fluctuations that enable
sub regions to inflate,
and so on, ad infinitum

“And when I look at pictures
 they look back at me,
 and I cant escape.”

“But I want to be something

What do you know?
What is this image
Of the grey cold stone,
Cold to my clasp -
And the rearing,
Green and yellow of the tree
As great and warm
As all its bursts of flowers?

Who is that man of gleaming grin

Who knows the white of burning bone?



Richard said...

This is part one I have hundreds of images of grafitti and related art. I have manipulated the images in various ways. In this case the original art was not by me. Much of the grafitti here is on the site of my old school Tamaki College (I was there between 1962-65). Other grafitti is at the new building development site Stonex (which I have been photographing since it's beginnings for about 7 years). I have thousand of photographs in various categories. The area is where we walk most days and includes (mainly) Glen Innes, Panmure, (the Panmure basin, Maungarei, The Yacht Club and the Tamaki Estuary). This area includes a lot of historically significant places. I have read 'Maungarei' by Mrs. Holloway (who was a deputy Principal at Tamaki College and did archaeologicl work on Mt. Wellington (Maungarei). Also the book about Mahon, the 'Pakeha-Maori' describes the terrible and fascinating battle at Mokoia (during the so-called 'Musket Wars'). I also have photographs of the extensive bird life, clouds, even cows and magpies on our lunch table at Maungarei. GI (and also sometimes Grey Lynn and other areas) is more or less covered but to include all the photographs would cause the internet to explode!

I am not "for or against" graffiti, I see it as a phenomenom, a part of the environment. Ironically I have a book from the Glenn Innes Library about graffiti and I read a book once about Dondy White.

It is a good idea to click on the images and study them. There is a stylistic "sameness" about grafitti but like Gilbert and George it is one area of Art (all art interests me even if I don't maybe "like" it), whose anarchistic riot of images and sort of anarchistic scatology fascinates me: although I haven't got around to cataloging chewing gum on pavements: it fascinates me. As does their kind of sophisticated naivety and fascination it seems with things of the "natural" world, and their imagistic "take" on same.

More to come. Click on the images.

Richard said...