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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Room 51.5

he R ??

he blocks redredred black around

by blckbyblackbylnebylnerunnd.

r d r d r d r d black b ck

white around Ar o un d bo d !?about the

white the red more red comes up the red It

rears h ad. ey e e see e sight see.

eye see e igh t e sigh

nd light

lightlightbrightdim sn

SUNrnd p nt dwn bl

n t th r n t green not gry he gy ugy

n t gr y not bl ckh up not d n the d n

t p

nd th bl ck n t bl ck n t bl ck n n ght h

l ght l ght b t l ght n t l ght

h clck s d d.

h c l ck w ke l v l k h dh h d l k

bl d like hot s r d


chps of cnks: the chunksthe c hnks the bits.

h moksnd the red the r d and r d the

blackhere is no black).

oyou my red MY square my thing: I fall

and blubberlikea sun-struckking

h red on red red the blocks The orange


steel the greyhe shape the tall the dark the

greathe high the highhe finger like a finger

on the ?

eye the seen

he gren

O-OO mylcs my eds my eds my blocksorange

is notis gNomes iz gonz

et the rEd in redThere is no red)

he squre tht's not thAt's never that's there.

If red be red nOt is not green

hn rd onrd of rd is yu mythng


i a i ou o a c a e e aou

a i a a a i a

e i e i e

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