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Sunday, June 10, 2007


The Red

The blocks of red on red on red by black around

by black by black by line by line by round. The

red in red of red in red where black by back the

white around. Around the bound about the

white the red more red comes up the red. It

rears its head. The eye the see the sight to see.

The eye the see the light the sight.

And light,

The light not light not bright not dim not sun.

The sun not round not up not down. The blue

not there not green not grey. The g rey ungrey

not grey not black . The up not down the down

not up.

And the black not black not black on night. The

light alight but light not light.

The clock is dead.

The clock awake alive like head. The head like

blood like hot is red.

The squares the slabs the reds the blocks are

chops of chunks: the chunks the chunks the bits.

The monks. And the red the red and round the

black. (There is no black).

To you my red my square my thing: I fall

and blubber like a sun-struck king.

The red on red of red the blocks. The orange

the green the blue. The see the sight the

steel the grey. The shape the tall the dark the

great. The high the high. The finger like a finger

on the sky.

The eye the seen.

The green.

O my Blocks my reds my Reds my blocks: orange

is not is gNomes is gone.

And the rEd in red. (There is no red)

The square that's not thAt's never that's there.

If red be red nOt is not green:

Then red on red of red is you my thing.


if that is you by blocks by b l a c k are red around.

And black is black as black is black.

And red is red is red.

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