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Friday, August 31, 2007

Room 65c

On The Face Of The

There was a lot of darkness —

Dark darkness, and some light.

Light – yes - light: light and dark...

Less light than dark, but more dark than —

But I loved the dark. Came colour then.

The light and the dark seemed to know something —

Anyway - colour there was, and light there was,

And dark there was:

Then a pulsing, a squirming: movement! Yes!

Movement, yes, movement: and sound, there was sound.

Movement and sound. But the darkness —

That was first. First? What means ?

Yes, it was the light - like the doors,

Higher than God,

Had been wedged open

And all the light and

dark and sound and colour

Had writhed into being.

But then the black: black blackness and the sudden light.

On the face of the, thru the chink of the,

Out of the, and from the then was the: from the -

Thru the chink of the, out of the: beside the -

The doors?

Yes! Yes? Who? What? Ten Million?!

oh, attend to it.

Now. Where was I? What?! Sixty Million!

Tragic. No: no going back.

Still, boys will be boys.

And so be it, and so and thus it was.

But this darkness you keep talking about:

Did you know it was purple? Eh?

Yes - purple - part purple. Because

The colours were gases. Gases?

Yes, they were interfuser things, mixy mixy…

They, and the light, and the dark, danced and danced!

What?! 100 Million?! Invent something:

be alert, but keep calm.

“Repair thou quickly hence to thence, and,

As if ‘twere thee’s own heart thou held,

Knowing that to lose or drop that beating

Spring of life, God’s pump, would be

Certain forfeit of thou’s life,

Fast heeling on that bumble fingering:

Treasure convey this my particular attent

To that matter, whose import is as vast

As giant mountain quakes that oft do shake

And fright our mighty globe -

0 this greatly troubled spheroidic world!

0 go as fast as festinate

And by no circuit daily - this matter cannot sleep,

Nor shall rest my kingly heart, old, and weighted

As I wait and weigh, and weight, these matters

Total up for the rest, who slumber as I ponder. No!

My kingly head, so white with woe, I’ll not to rest

Till all these frightful ghosts are soft sure in bed:

For if we dare leave this dangling —

For sure by Damocles the woundy bleary, beary world,

Shall wake in sudden throat -

And slay us cursely like a Polyphemous , who had

But One, despite he Poly. Go! Go! Fleet thee fleet!”

Yes, darkness, darkness Then Colour was created -

And an infinite number of forms!

There was a sudden display:

Everything was afire with Colour

Everything Compressed back into the darkness.

Shakespeare’s brain grew from the Darkness.

Who? Yes? What? 0 yes. Did they?

Well well well — eh? Oh Yes

Did they? How could — did you?

Did we? Were we? When? 0!

Gosh! Wonderful! No? There was no other way

You say? No! Who? Who? 0 him - him:

You mean? What? What!? Who? Why? Speak louder!

What?! Speak softer! What? Who? Why?

When did — who did — why did —

Do you? Do they? Do they? They do! Well.

Do they know — Do they — Do they know about —

Do they know about — the darkness?

And the joy? And the terror? And the cla—

The clamour! The clamour — you informed

them of the clamour?

Did you mention? Did she? Was she?

Could. Could you? Did you think. 0 no!

No no no!! No! What?! One Billion!


Sometimes I - “...and this great King Courage,

Whose heart we need to fight and live,

Yet he is so ga-ephemerous

That they who stoutly stand and die with him,

Do get no word, and sink in Lake Oblivion —

The self forgot and destroyed by their own

Bold and selfless self. Is this courage,

A Prince of dark or light, or is he,

Just some fever that burns by chance in one,

And leaves the quivering other man,

At least alive — ?’

One Billion, you say?

“There is no speech for this.”

(Aside:” I shall mutter on.”)

Sometimes, in certain moods, or at high points

of my heart: I loved the darkness.

What!? Who? Yes.

When I wasn’t — long ago — when I, when I?

What am? Where am? Who are? Are you — did they?..

This could go on forever —

Forever and forever and forever

At. At a certain point on the graph:

Dark equals Light.

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