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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


richard lopez said...

wonderful photos, richard. thanks for posting them.

Richard Taylor said...


Thanks a lot.

Good to hear from you!

I emailed you before did you receive it?

These photos repeat themes (personal and of origin etc) in EYELIGHT and go further - briefly they represnt the interaction/struggle of or between dark and light; the light is winning for now! (Over the Holocaust etc etc)

Regards, Richard

manuhiri said...

The last time we met was outside the university library one night.
The first time was at an anti-vietnam demo, maybe about 67. I was not in PYM but lived in Resistance for a while.
There are few of our generation who are as full of life and complex intensity as you.
Ngaa mihi ki a koe.

Richard Taylor said...

manuhiri - I know how you are - I forget your name but have a fairly good memory of what you look like - you were beaten up by the cops a few times I believe - remember Frank Lane? He is still around but not active in "street" politics etc although we met also on a demo against the Iraq war.

The second time we met was about 1986 or so as I was studying for an NZCE while being employed by the NZPO.

I agree - our generation threw up some interesting people - I was rather introverted and strange in those days!! But they were exciting times. I also found a photo of myself (about a month ago) in book of such by Marti Friedlander - I was actually amongst a whole lot of religious people - now the point of that was that we of the PYM etc were also "moral" (evangelists had a march for righteousness etc) and in our own way righteous -it was one of Frank Lane's ideas - to be amongst the people - as indeed in those days we were following Mao Tse Tung's ideas quite closely and debating the issues.

Dick Fowler (Rewi Kemp now) who took a photo of me (Titus Books use it) also filmed the Rogers demo hedid a back roll and kept filming (when a US secret Serviceman punched him - Dick was trained in karate etc) the result was quite funny when viewed it later at our flat in Ponsonby (Ponsonby was a "slum" then as you know) - although the situation was serious - and a still from that shows me with my camera trying to take shots of the cops as they were kicking and punching people (they were extremely brutal; and it was very frightening) - that is in "Bullshit and Jelly Beans" by Shadbolt - also it was on TV))

I wonder if you recall Ruffo the photographer?

I recall once being at a party with Shadbolt - he saying nothing - as he had no political stance or theory per se - except freedom and not to trust those older than 30 and his hate of war and injustice - and they were indeed some very good "principles" - he was a courageous and dynamic - and I think sincere - young man (strange to see him as a Mayor these days!) - flamboyant also ...but he wasn't a great theorist or talker! Him saying nothing as I ranted about revolution!!

But yes - everyone is full of life - I would love to tell the story of everyone and everything.

I would love to see views - more - of those days. My email address is somewhere on here.