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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Room 200A

EXPERIENCE the writing - don't try to read it - experience it - live it - become it - your meaning of it is yours - be the physicality and the phenomenology of it whatever it is. STARE closely at the words let them dissolve into blocks of complete incomprehensibility - there are no meanings - each beats perpetually through and in the meaning whose signification is a madman playing with a decapitated head.

Let's all get positive on this....

GO INTO the words - they are not there to tell you any thing - so they will not tell on you.

There are no triumphs, no solace - each beats alone - each full of the "slobbered forebodings of more and more to come."

Each being a prime number in a wilderness of sobbing constants - each being "the Eye that searches the atom sky" and each eye eying each other eye in the burning brains as such as van Gogh or Pollock's.

The gap - and the grin - the "ginger grin."

As you search into the words they will disappear to be replaced by existence. Revel in the wonderful hopelessness of it all - the burst of the black grape - the joy of lip quiver - the arrows - golden and speeding to the far shores - never landing - the wonderful "laugh and lash of life" - of the harsh rasp of Alberich's cackle -the tonkle of the making of the Rheingold Ring, Das Rheingold - the gorgeousness of power - "the thunder of the drumming of unsound" - the beautiful futilities of the spider webs - "the heart of light" - the bloody horror of it all - that the Heart of Darkness invoked - Brando muttering in the heat at end's end - the hollow men from Will's Caesar - and Old Possum's - the Gotterdammerung - the end in whose beginning.

And I could not speak.

"Unsighted by this fire."

The 'cataracting crack'

Each eye eying.

The particulars lie. Recall -

"The squirting joy of the act."

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Richard said...

Yes indeed. RT