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Saturday, April 25, 2009

when listen to this I ein I scream I scream I scream and the go

when listen to this I ein I scream eye I scream I scream and the god-silence the god the beautiful the beautiful the ein the eye the org the org the great org the org the org is beyond the make the Make and the orb org and beyond beyond erbarmer dich mein Gott beyond awake mein Gott and outside react the black erbarmer dich the black react reaction sprach and the crack of death in the scream to heaven to help to out to hell to help the hell in me the heil of heil mein Gott mein Gott erbarmer dich the scream again !! of love of love of time and time’s time and the huge the vast the turmoil of time and did we tell you?! and did we tell you?! and the end the beginning and huge the coil the torque the dark the dark the dark the dark the dark mein Gott erbarmer dich the dark of desire and the earth and the hand in a hand in a month of moons until hell the hell the hell the hell of the hell and hail to the Kings and beings who scream in madness ein and the eye of music dying in this dark erbarmer dich this dark and did we tell you?! and did we tell you?! this dark this dark exploding out in big burnt blasts of light the orange sun the purple the rage the rage of white and big light blast erbarmer dich we know we are human we know we are fists we are fists immense immense and immer immense and we are seared we are seared seared seared seared! heil! mein Gott mein Gott und erbarmer dich who scream in madness I am here I am here I am here erbarmer dich the steel the stele the shell the steel the steel the shell the great in me mein seele mein and I am here and in a hand in a month of moons until hell the great in me the great in me the flood the light the red the dark and we sing in the darkness the holy black the bLob of bloom the song and we sing in huge the voice and the red the church the church the vast the vast THE church the turning church the turning turning church - in the mad the mad the mad the light and did we tell you?! and did we tell you?! the vast church the vast church! turning turning! and the glory of voices and the many the many the voices the voices the scream the visions the delight the light delight the delight of fire – the fire of destroying love the enormous love erbarmer dich the destruction and did we tell you?! and did we tell you?! the beginning and the begging and the end and the love and the glorious the glorious going going going round round round in spin of Licht the begin the torment the love the music the head the dark the great gusts of! it the leaf the black the red the knife the not the sign the sound the lips the wet the dark the huge the huge the huge the churCh the TURnING the church and round and round and round the church erbarmer dich and the scarlet the kiss the trample the black the red the white the huge the huge the head the red the rose the huge the head the sigh the endless and did we tell you?! and did we tell you?! the ecstass the exstass the excess the torment the terrific the torment explodes exstass the shapes the shapes, and did we tell you?! and did we tell you?! whose hearts? whose hearts? are beyond whose hearts are beyond erbarmer dich the red and it and it and it and ein and mein Gott mein Gott erbarmer dich and no and no and no and no knowledge do we know erbarmer dich – ecstasy only and the scream the scream the light the light the lightund (the green the green the green the red the red the scene is seen) the light the light the light the dichter light the light when I listen heil! mein Gott I listen the spider white the light of night's delight the spider white the dark the dark the light the light the white beyond the light the hot the light and did we tell you?! and did we tell you?! the white white light mein Gott the endless the huge the huge the church the light

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Room 56......8.000781

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Room 6011

the machine music moves mechanically as it must because it is
beautiful and is based on a legal system of repeats but nothing is
yet for sure why should it be after all the law of torts and the
thinking Thinking Thing is there, and we are part of it despite
seclusion like a sheep’s or a Boffin’s head, in a vision of perfect
symmetry held in a white drop as if we could know it all, and there’s
need for change, but who looks on, and who is who who he looks at who
he looks is who - but we need all these people who don’t agree because
of the machine, which, despite its penitential and inevitable
inefficiency, is heard to cry out at deep of night to the Great One
who is probably dead and ensconced in a dream of lubricated, or
lubricious cavortings toward spittle. and flesh, words that send
shudders up my spire wire’s spine loom; one would naturally much
prefer to be the vision inside a technical robot, whose doom scenes
see wire mass everywhere, and, how does the spider know, because he,
too, is a constructor - or is it because the music nags us back down
the drain pipe into a parallel universe of incomprehensible equations,
or a crazed jumble of electronic, electrical, and machine parts
pushed into an eclectic enclave, whose triumph is its denseness, or the
enormous significance of an endlessly looping musical track which your
great great grandmother could well have enjoyed: some post—
Stochausian, post – Varese etc, not something tame like. the Songs for a
Mad King: but it all passes, even the wind machines, and the ape-
shaped eyes, thoughts of death, leaves, corpse valleys, memories,
inscriptions.. .you turn back to The Romantics, for there is something
about you, something nobody can see: as if you were the one in the
centre of a gigantic sound-shriek, and batting up all hell, and no one
gives a fuck, especially with everything turning into grey
gold. . . something like a cat looking into your face.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Many Aspects

Local men and children fishing at the Panmure jetty by the Yacht Club - here -later - we saw waka being launched by Maori.

This great image is by Bruce Kingsbury of Hamilton. It is a view of a Hamilton Power Substation.

I worked at many power substations as a Communications Tech in 1986 -88 I was based at King's Wharf. We were setting up and maintaining radio, batteries for 50V DC, telephone, cable, PCM, Power Line Carriers, and microwave links etc to the main control centre at Otahuhu.

Trimaran at Panmure. A a beautiful machine of the sea.

Image by me at night - Art.

I love machines and flowers -all things of life...

Guess what this is .... ?!

A medley of images - myself - an old French book - my book about evolution and Darwin - my daughter - a painting on a postcard by Brent Wong (who I once met briefly).

Coffee and chess at the Panmure Basin - games are analysed and enjoyed during our walks . The book (Rubinstein's 100 Great Games) is one I (or in fact my father) had since I was about 15. The Pole, Akiba Rubinstein, was perhaps the greatest chess player of his time (the war prevented etc him playing Alekhine or Capablanca in matches)

Nature's infinite carress. James Joyce didn't like flowers. His language forgives him.

Room 6000

This is to say - re EYELIGHT - that I am still here! I am constantly rethinking what I am doing here. I had a system whereby I (roughly described) began each set of "rooms" with a poem and then (or simultaneously) introduced material from various areas of thought or experience - e.g. the personal, the philosophical, art and so on there was no theoretical limit to the topic.

EYELIGHT was originally conceived well before I had a computer and well before I had any intention of using the internet or even a computer - in fact I started it in a book by writing down information learnt from a book about the huge history of New Zealand - I mean starting from its geological history - I however had other subjects and where an interesting word or idea came up I put in a "box" - the idea being that that was to link to further research of ideas and so on - so my "project"was a learning one for myself and something I could do - a hobby if you like - these links eerily I found actually already existed in cyberspace as what are called Hyperlinks...but I didn't even own a computer and I was intending to do the art and writing all by hand and so on.

But I really wanted to get a project of some kind going as all my poems were written so quickly and easily in fact - I saw - still see - a poem as kind of construct - a machine made of words yes but also something approaching the condition of music (to 'quote' two poets in one sentence) - a beautiful and complex machine perhaps.

The word 'machine' is much in my writing - as much as references to flowers - I love machines AND flowers! Hence the images above. But EYELIGHT as a Blog project so-called began in fact by mistake I was wanting to make a comment and found myself starting a Blog! So I wrote something and began.

To cut this short - please if you have time scroll back through my earlier posts and see some of the things I have been doing or trying to do.

Also - click on the images - they usually are very large.

What I have decided to do now is not to be concerned about any strict program - in fact I have abandoned any "program" per se and entries from now on as far as I know will be as I am urged to enter them - much as I have been working but not in any order per se...much as life is. Life isn't ordered (or it is less ordered than we think... I don't separate art and whatever other activities from life - to me all is life... How can it be else?

The room numbers? O.K ... Wittgenstein - and other reasons - but really because I like being contrary and also I need distinct numbers so I can refer back - that is the main reason.

Not time for the more "clever" reasons... this cleverness in any case is a bit dubious...


I have been playing a lot of Chess -in tournaments -in the A Grade and getting quite good results against some of NZ's best players. Also my Blitz rating (usually I play 3 0 games - that is each player has only 3 minutes to complete the game) has improved (on FICS lately) and my NZ Rapid rating, and my FIDE and Local "standard" rating) is now quite high as I have had success in number of tournaments - "Richard Taylor, who is never far from the prize money" - as well as adopting a wider repertoirre including the English, 1 d4 (with or without 2 Nc3) and my staple 1 e4, keeping to either the Nimzo or the Modern Benoni - both openings of Fischer and Tal and others of course - (as well as studying master games daily) - but there is no question of "mastering chess"- fascinating game as it is, it is too difficult); taking extra vitamin B tablets and multivitamins and keeping fit seems to have helped me as well as........

........... my reduction of usage of diazepam (benzodiazepam) which I have been addicted to since I was 19. Paradoxically the reduction of tranquilizer use has meant I am more relaxed and happy than I have been in much of my life...with the odd 'dark' moment.


While I am 61 and death is approaching with his sharp but rusty sickle! - I feel life is wonderful as long as I am happy and healthy and busy and my children are well etc


The economy and so on are of little concern for me - I have never been good at saving money and have never had much so it doesn't concern me - we can all make it through - the working people can club together and start communes and so on. Whatever. Revolution in fact - whatever it takes.

My last car (the car I have now) cost me NZ$800 - "touch wood" as my English Grandmother (in fact all my grandparents were English) used to say - it is still going!

But main thing - no necessary program here.

Also I want to perhaps in my next two posts - to talk about the awesome readings of David Lyndon Brown and that of Murray Haddow*. Both are writers and poetic performers and actualisers of incredible ability.

Saw my old mate Bob Orr - the unofficial Poet Laureate of Auckland - in a second hand book shop the other day and he concurred with me on Murrray Haddow's genius - but referred to him as a performance poet but he is much more than that - he is incredible.

And David Brown's poetry is and was quite extraordinary. Subtle, moving, beautiful, intriguing.

There will be book launch of his latest book and that of Ted Jenner shortly - I will advise dates in posts soon... Jenner is also an original... I first came across his work in Michael Morrissey's great book "The New Fiction" (1985 I think that came out).

But more anon...........................

* And may others of great interest and ability.