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Saturday, October 13, 2012

            NEW BLOG   

I have begun the new Blog

 "Richard, You MUST try to be more focused - "

There is link on here (above on my Blog List) but I have it only so far got some images so it wont "respond" yet. My apologies...

I want to use it as a stand alone but also in parallel to and as a part of EYELIGHT which will continue as long as I do I hope. But it will be more a place I can point to other aspects of what I am doing.

Various topics I have in my mind.

The first one may in fact deal with the fact I am now a grandfather twice over!

But I want to do some reviews and commentaries on books new and old..either of contemporary NZ writers or others.  There are the Titus writers and I will certainly be looking closely at Scott Hamilton;s 'Feeding the Gods' .

Reminiscences of past events in my life and old friends etc (I am now 64).

Politics (and who knows, religion, art etc etc [possibly even chess]) will no doubt make its way in and my views on matters - various events in my own life. how to make them interesting! 

In addition either as Blog or as project on my own computer etc I want to continue my What You and I have been reading - which will have two components so it could split into two Blogs (but that is in the future).



Sunday, August 12, 2012




Intending to give a direct explication of what I want to do in regard to EYELIGHT and my writing etc I again found myself carried away by the use of images and some satire, pseudo philosophy, “silly buggers” etc There is nothing wrong with writing with “silly buggers” as such, but it wasn’t where I wanted to go, and probably caused confusion, irritation and doubt.

Here, in this Post, is what I intended, in principle to do. My last post is however an example of the kind of mix of ideas and “categories” I sometimes want to achieve, and a model or example of the creative process or a model of the interaction or combination of art and knowledge and other themes.

But for my own and perhaps others use I’ll lay out the more rational version, as I realize that my last post really is only a trip and far from the clear exposition I wanted. However my use and abuse of the interaction of or the integration and or the combination of “art”, “science” (even if pseudo!), and other things is shown. For me the images are kind of “talking”. 

So here is a list and a “diagram-explanation” of some of the projects I intend. How much I fulfill this will be seen as time passes. At least I will have a structure or outline to refer to.


1) To continue EYELIGHT more or less as it is but to add

2) To create Another Blog, I’ll call it AB, which is more DIRECT and relatively serious, in which I can do book or art reviews, discuss general matters etc

3) To eventually either put WHAT WE HAVE BEEN READING onto its own Blog but for now to continue working on that project or “hobby”.

4) To write a novel.

5) To “publish” most of my poems (for reference and record) either on a Blog or on properly designed web page.


In regard to EYELIGHT I will continue much as I have done with the various categories either “feeding” into and or combining with each other to create “outputs” or new forms.

The various categories may constitute separate Blogs or maybe kept in Word files only.

I intend to continue to get up to date with these and What we have been reading.

For this I have already begun several Word files with data and ideas on them.

The Novel is a separate project (I have some ideas for it but so far there are definitely no links to EYELIGHT etc.)  I intend to use more or less conventional methods of plot, structure etc and the novel wont be “difficult”. I see the need to “sell it” (I don’t necessarily mean literally.)

The Infinite Poem – this is the kind of substratum of EYELIGHT, which, as a project (as it has become) modulates between Order and Disorder. Clarity and opacity.

But in other things a more direct approach will now be used.

This may all sound quite boring but I find it useful to make some plans.

(One reason was my own ‘laziness’ and a lack or coherence in what I was doing, and even getting small bits of information or “ideations” into Word files helps me somewhat Whether anything will come of it I have no idea.)*

*[A note: While I certainly didn’t start out modeling things on what Alan Sondheim has been doing it has had some influence and since about 2000 or so when I got computer I have been fascinated by his Meditation on the Internet. I don’t understand fully what Alan is doing, but I used to collect much of what he put up on the Buffalo Poetics discussion List and sent him a book on NZ History for a CD he did and so on. We have had disagreements but his work and methodology fascinates me. (But it is his deeply beautiful use of poetical-prose language that amazes me most.) My feeling is he is also too “deep and wide ranging" and even too intelligent for himself...that said, I also feel he is an example of some on who, at many points in what he is doing, exhibits a kind of poetic genius although he (as would I) deny that he is only a poet or even poet at all…he was associated with Language Movement at one stage (and Kathy Acker was an influence and a friend I believe) and has been active in the creation of the Internet in both the technical and the software sense – that is hardware and software (terminology he integrates into his “artpoems” [he works virtually in all media including film] as indeed I postmodern writers bring the ‘materia’ they are using into their art [the materials or the signifiers or the signs become a part of the “matter” or network of images?] or writing) but he combines his knowledge with philosophical and artistic and even musical creativity. While his Meditation is not what I am doing it is kind of parallel to what I am doing, it echoes it (in some aspects) – but I have not been involved say in film making or Vispo and nor do I have a very deep knowledge of philosophy etc

But like other modern “projectists” such as Susan Howe or Tina Darragh or Silliman etc Alan shows a unique way forward in creative terms. In NZ Wystan Curnow and even Alan Loney have been inspirations for me (whereas much as I admire the unique genius of Smithyman and I have been influenced a little by him, He is on a different direction and although I believe Atua Wera is a great modern NZ epic. What I am doing (postmodernist multimedia project?) is and has been done in many ways in different ways or approaches by many others. I add only my own personal “stamp”.]     

Friday, August 10, 2012

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

               What I plan to do with 


It might seem that a lot of what I have on EYELIGHT is rather remote and or mysterious. In general that (difficulty or opacity say) is NOT my aim, but it is often the way posts (could well or probably do) appear on here. [This is not to necessarily to attack opacity or difficulty etc, these have their role, but “difficulty” is a fraught subject and also my short point is that it can become a kind of art in itself and in some cases people suspect the language of modern (postmodernist mostly) criticism etc is used sometimes cynically by academics simply to “gain position”, literally a cushy career, by talking “gobbbldygook”: but I don’t think that that is the case say for someone such as Derrida it may apply to some of his followers or these so imbued or saturated by postmodernist theory they cant distinguish this motivation from what their own ideas, and in fact this becomes the art of theory, an art of prolixity comparable to a beautiful chess combination such as that in the awesome and agonisingly beautiful and profound chess game by Rubinstein to defeat Rotlewi in 1907; and Byzantine complexity that reality-art-morality-life becomes a kind of complex: which divagatious effusion recalls me to my reading of Sarrasine, which recalled me to other stories by Balzac, to A Rebours [Which in my paper back translation (called Against Nature) I read in English as I am virtually Frenchless!] and my effort to recall the details [[I used Spark Notes although I possess and have read these books… I have read so much, too much?]] of A Picture of Dorian Gray (all great works and writers…)] 


            For it had not always been as now, but if you wish to whisper me some
Sweet   intended    tenderness,   you    can,    for     there     must    have    been
tenderness,  togetherness,  touching.  And on some immortal goat clapped road
our ways did. Never did we panic then. Peculiarly, I’m  not  that  young couple.
She   had   her   hand   fiercely   on   his   arse.    It   wont   last,   part   of   you,
the  cynic,   says,   but    freedom   dies    not    out    with    the    giant    oak’s
demise;  and in  the woodlands gay and  dark are such flowers,  such blossoms
as Schubert  or  Werter mused. That   he   drowned, or,   as   we   say,  “topped
himself”,  is  the  shady   aspect.   Did  he?   After  all  his  “Winterreisse”,  for
example,  or,  “The Death  of  the  Maiden”  is such music,  such love’s  food I
would gladly die for — well, in words I would...
           Indeed it's not now as it was,   and,  after  all,  we  did  the Name Thing.
Would we do it all  again?  The wind whips the question from  your  lips  and
just  then  a  great  foot  descends  to   squash  you  in  profile. It’s  absurd,  if
sad.  In  another  example,  the  top of  a  head  pops  up,  like  a  lid. But  life
is  more  than  doublings,  there  are  true  ways  and  straight  as just now the
agents  explode  in  some Chirician  street  where  the  sense as of  the Unreal
hovers  so  perpetually  that   nightmares  seem  normal.  In   Robbet-Grillet’s
“Jealousy”  for example, or  his  “Labyrinth”,    the   fabled   detail  endlessly
redefines  the  aching  sense  of  possibility.  The  very   withholding  of   plot
or human intercession is  indeed   the  terrible  power  of  everything about to
happen.  And   think   of   Jason  in  “The   Sound   &   Fury”    by   Faulkner.
Reading   the   latter   there   is   the   feeling   so   palpably  transmitted of   a
thumping   petrol  migraine,  and  of  minds  and  worlds   corrupted,   indeed
evil,  except  perhaps  for  Caddy  and  Benji  (who’se  the  Idiot)  and Dilsey
the  good  nigger, and maybe the other  Quentin  who drowns himself, and to
cap it all the tiny preacher.  But this isn’t something on paper.

And here must cease my hallowed musings.

“Hullo, I am Herr Götz, and you are under arrest, Mr Spring.”

I nod, it is time: for all around do sleek things rush
as things thicken and speed to the dark dawn woods.



The "Rembrandt" self - staring at myself  staring at DEATH in very place my father died of the effects of lung cancer in 1987. When and how will I go? And to where? And my children? Victor? Tamasin? Dionne? Sebastian? My 2 sisters and my brother? The others? Pascal feared the Infinite spaces. He died terribly, as did Keats, who denied any morphine by his sadistic and corrupt physician in Italy?

Will my entrance into the nothing, the horror, to God, the eternal ecstasy or awful dream, "cribbed cabined confined", or shall I vanish. It is impossible for I shall live forever, for I have become as a god.


A sculpture or mask by my daughter Tamasin.  Does it mock me?



                                               TO PLAN OR NOT TO PLAN

[but to continue]… I don’t necessarily plan each post (there is range of spontaneity and structured planning in or “behind” each) but, indeed, sometimes it kind of “comes to me”; the need to post on here and when that force, as it seems, takes over, then away I go and all my intentions are blown away.

As however to my overall “structure”, which grew out of previous book I did long before I owned or knew anything about personal computers as such: I had originally meant to have several strands in certain order, and these several strands and or themes would feed into the main subject or process of EYELIGHT

This general ‘plan’ developed: I would start off with a longish poem and then fed the various strands or streams into the next and then I would gradually merge them all and then slowly fragment them at the end and then I would begin again much as if my Blog was a universe that big banged and then imploded into itself (as one cosmic theory goes) or some kind of eternal recurrence! (Construction and destruction, process and fragmentation and repetition will still go on here.)

Actually when I began I had no idea as this Blog began by accident, I had tried to make a comment and had found myself starting a Blog! EYELIGHT actually started a long time ago before I had a computer. At that time I was searching for a more formal or consistent project and come up with one that would for example start with the local and include not only “universal” ideas or themes but would also include myself (as I explore ideas of distance and “masks” and how far I can be “confessional” etc) and indeed everything but would be more formal than my The Infinite Poem (started 1992) which relies in partly on more or less random sampling collage, and the interaction of various texts or textures etc (but it also changed over time and is a conceptual event rather than a finite poem as such).

Let’s interrupt though – why am I doing this? Well it fills in time! It seems to me to be more “purposeful” than playing chess although indeed I have done a lot of that. As much as I am an addict you may have no idea what a real chess addict is like!! They spend hours on all aspects of chess and indeed very strong chess players (professionals) play chess for money so they not only love to play and study chess but have to…As a further aside, the recent World Chess Championship was played at the Trekykov Art Gallery in Moscow as the person providing finance (a Russian) is interested in combining chess and art, so while the games were being relayed live I got to see some fascinating art discussions and artworks in the gallery in Moscow, from all periods of time (Repin was one) to Kandinsky and Malevich. I saw some of Kandinsky’s works in NY in 1993.

                                          WHAT AM I DOING?

But what am I doing? Or why? I think it is way to be “published” and like my “copying” of things from books I read it in itself gave some pleasure. For example, the pictures I have up on my last post and many of my other post I will sometimes simply scroll down and “read” the images …in other cases I will [study, utilize…] some images from “nature” I have seen…I can never be bored by seeing the sky, flowers, birds, children, or whatever. (And nature is everything – a plastic bottle is as natural an object to me as flower or a stream). In fact plastic is an organic chemical in case anyone was confused! And all those trees –well – biochemically they are like huge sugar molecules!! The fascination and the silliness of knowledge!

[Since writing the above I have been looking at a book about the work of John Reynolds and the way he takes words from many sources e.g. the N.Z Dictionary of Slang etc and uses them in his art. Some of this parallels what I have been doing, or tying to do.]

So I suppose that sense of art, knowledge, and the combination of ideas and media and play is at work here. It makes one feel as if one is also doing something of significance. The creative need is in us all. As well as the play of ideas of course there are ethical –political concerns. And in us all a deep feeling of the mystery of being and the knowledge that death is not far in front of us. I think all of us “owe” life and our existence that we use our time joyfully [o.k. this might sound a bit soft, there are times life seems just simply horrifying, relentless, even alien like in fact the Alien in Alien to me, I watched every film, but I forget what happened to the Alien in question in the end! Did it win?] and in some fulfilling way…but that may in fact only be the living of that life. We are all important. Those who stand and wait. All of us. Sometimes the Universe and are may seem terrible but it is strange and beautiful also. Rich and strange. Or is that Richard and strange!  

But I also want to produce some kind of worthwhile work of art.

But more on that later.

Here is my general plan (and I may have time now that I have more or less stopped playing competitive chess [possibly permanently], but then there is YouTube! All that music and…chess lessons and great chess games! And there is the Internet and 3 minute chess games etc…so I will try to avoid all that. “Goodbye to all that…”). (I have since taken that down so no more Blitz or “bullet” chess for me, or now at least.) So I have more time…or I should have.
                                                          The Plan!
A General view of The Plan showing inputs and neurons on the far left with the various categories either lined or feeding straight through to the EYELIGHT "chip". The categories includes such general "ideas" as Random, Science, Art, Philospphy, Origins, the Personal and so on. Note the Jungle Chip [seen by me in a technical Manual ("I too read the technical manuals") 1987 we were working on the analogue (now they use digital systems but the principal is the same) microwave system for the NZED] Various "fields" and spaces (as well neurons as gyrussi and succussi can be seen and the Swiftean character should be noted - also that "cucumbers" not pumpkins (crossed ! out) is the word needed and this refers to Swift's Gulliver's Travels, that great work of art, and in the section where scientists (as seen by dark lovely Swift's mind) of his time are seen to be attempting to extract sunbeams from cucumbers. Ho ! Ho! The Dewe and von Sturmer functions are indicated as well as the Gotho-Sexo Rossian dimensions in 'dark-flight' and the Hamiltonian-Crossian-Bronsteinian. The Jenner complexity-Peace-Pound fields are also indicated. I will give more examples of this "plan" showing many aspects of it as we proceed so as to enlighten my readers the more.


                                                         MY PLAN

So I will more or less keep to my plan, but here on Word (on my computer) or similar I have the major threads ART, SELF, PHILLOSOPHY, POLITICS, RELIGION, SCIENCE and FACTUAL, RANDOM, ORIGINS, POETRY, and so on. Now all these are to be either self-sufficient and or will be brought on to EYELIGHT in a relatively consistent order….

Thus they are like the various tributaries of a major river. But as well as that I intend to start up several Blogs with these themes (although I am not sure how many or if I will keep most of the “strands” here on my computer and then feed them onto one or two Blogs). 

Also I want to have a Blog where I can just come on live so to speak and give a report, do a review and in general be more direct to those reading that Blog. So on that Blog (in theory at least) more direct interaction would be more likely. I don’t want to be remote or sound as if I was an egghead! I am far from that…I have spent most of my life doing manual labour, being a father of family of three children, and a husband, or working as a Lineman etc and only sometime studying at university. So this is just a kind of hobby for a relatively ordinary person. But I hope to make it interesting for myself at least! I don’t want to get bogged down in theory but I might essay some essays or discussions. But my tendency to wander off topic will probably mean neither I nor anyone else will be very enlightened but hopefully at least I will enjoy it! (I suppose I could do this on FaceBook, but everything on there is very busy and changes so quickly that I get confused by it. But I will use it when I remember.

(I am not really concerned how many people do or do not read what I do – it is great to have readers and comments but I would do it whether or not there was anyone out there – but it WOULD indeed be rather lonely if I never got any response or comments though! So please comment if you want…negative or positive!)  BTW I see Alan Sondheim is doing more new posts it is great to see…. his project in a strange way parallels mine although it has nothing directly to do with EL, I have “known” Alan (and his extraordinary good (and often strange but beautiful) work) online of since about 2000. Once he sent me some CD ROMS of his work, and in “payment” he just asked for any book – about NZ say – and I sent a copy of Sinclair’s book about NZ. So check out his project his Meditation on the Internet (a multimedia project as mine is but indeed quite unique and different to mine.)

Also I want to present another parallel project my WHAT YOU AND I HAVE BEEN READING (some of that was published by Ted Jenner in Brief when he was the editor of one issue, and Scott Hamilton recently swiped some of it (without me knowing! What’s new!?) and planted it on in the latest Brief when I had sent in a lot of stuff about the Pacific etc…hmmm…!) 

(What I do, literally, is to copy BY HAND, things from the many books* I am or have read more or less in the order of my reading but I add thoughts and or images, but the “theme” is in fact the “story of my reading (things either partly read or wholly etc – for example from a book of stories by one NZ writer I took sentences or paragraphs from each story. I have no rule, but where it intersected with the IP I used to not necessarily reference what I was “quoting” (some times I would only have a single letter! Or I have the name and catalogue number of work of art and no image! But as that comes onto EL or stays in WYAIHBR it may or may not be further fragmented or augmented or remain stet etc Also as usual themes are or may be repeated as kinds of leitmotifs which you will see all through EYELIGHT (this is more or less planned, and also of course in EL I re-use and recycle parts or all of my own poems etc

This is all partly to force myself to work more consistently! It is because I am hugely laid back – but once get I going and get used to working (or playing on a higher level!?) more or less directly onto my computer I shod be able to get more and better work done and feel better about it all.

 (I have done [working directly onto a computer etc] but I rarely if ever start, say, a poem directly onto my computer. I write just about everything onto paper and in my case it is sometimes critical not only what colour pen (or what pencil) I use but which type of pen and at which time…. in fact the very physical process of writing is a part of why I love doing the copying out from books etc.  Just as I used to love painting by numbers. In fact I would love to get painting by number set again as I hugely enjoyed doing at as a child and would love to do it again…also I recall doing those plaster of Paris models, and tracing maps…

This may all seem trivial but it is not to me. (I am also ongoing with my studying practicing my drawing and art etc, although art for me includes every kind and type and all methods (I am fascinated by just about every movement in art and every style and every period! (And in theory there is no area of knowledge or human interest that doesn’t interest me…) and all media…for me I strive towards a kind of total art.)

Also more recently I have recorded where quotes are from whereas when I began these various madnesses I usually didn’t acknowledge (I still sometimes don’t), my idea being that in theory I would have somehow a record of all writing, all thought, or all consciousness of all humans…that is of course an idea only, and only possible in a theoretical world.

But with my Reading project I now want also a list those books I have read (perused) or referred to a lot) and make commentary on them – that may also find its way onto the more “direct” or main “Home Blog”.

In any case these are some of my projects.

*In about 1969 I copied out a whole book by hand. It was Rape of Vietnam. I was quite young and naïve, and I didn’t know that, even then, there were such things as photocopiers!


Examples of my what we have all been reading project:

Various of my notebooks showing quotes or "picks" sometimes at random and also my own "doodles" or artwork. These cover about three years. I have a terror forgetting things.

Here I was reading at one stage a book of modern art (I drew a sketch of a sculpture by Kapoor I think it was and on the RH some info from a book on cosmology (possibly one of my books about the Sun).

The top illustration maybe from a book about NZ Sculpture the LHS one with colour is from a huge book of Asian art.

Here Art and the Personal merge. Brent Lewis was a former syndicated film critic and a book dealer in Grey Lynn, and friend of mine and many others I know - I POSTED ABOUT HIM ELSEWHERE ON HERE) who committed suicide in a dramatic almost Perecian manner by jumping of a building in Symonds Street and the image is from a NZ art book catalogue.


                       A More Extensive Explication of my Plan:



~            ^^              ^~^            ^^^~^^
~~~~~~ ~    ^^^  ^^    ^~^^~^  ^~^~^~^    ~^~^~^^ ~^~^   ^~ ^~    ~~^^^   ^~~^~^~ ^~~^~~     
~  ~ ~^  ~   ^~            ~^ ~  ~^ ^  ^    ~  


high comedy

things from nowhere
fold out of the nothing
and become the growing
possibility of further extension, further
miraculous arrival, scent, and
animated animal music
whose derivative is sectioned
until a spiral silence makes the sea: that
sea, whose huge tug expands
again into the becoming of itself
because you switched the light on
just as the giant moved. the giant, whose
limbs snake the island, is
infinitely restless even in death
and is endlessly immolated
only to become again a singing rose
a rose whose
immense cylinder of sight
so everywhere
is eternally impossible


Note the Whisper Intermodulation/// functions and the trace of probability wave functions and the way I crossed out "pumpkins" for "cucumbers" [Ec[*]~10Gev s]///


Image of The Plan showing to the north the spiral tracings of Phenomological Transients

N.B. Further to the rhs in the ovagraph the "Non-real j or i complex derived Hyper regions showing and or shown IN a Traumatized Quagg-Apparat Reactant Space [It is assumed the the usual Rossian, Smithymanian and Hamiltonian restraints apply in an (assumed) Non-Linear F-level Hypereality.

A large Bunny Rabbit having his "last laugh."

Clearly the 'non isolate flecks' are from 
William Carlos Williams, and refer to the 
"paradoxical"dreamed Riemenian 
space continuum seen here under 
Dr Rossian Gothi or G functions 
given the Hamish Dewe constant 
assuming 1>0 under Eigenvectorial 
rotation and 
assuming a non finite quanta 
Belch-Poundian Factor in a B-compromised 
concision of Poesis poeticised 

Note the deep Jenner (as in Ted) in 
classical restraints and 
recursive mise en abyme
or "pipe as in pipe"
given Postpostmodernmodernismism...

 [...note to self to discuss Larry Eigner as 
his name rhymes with Eiegenavalues etc]

'Apples and Pears' and the swirling Probability-Density wave-function Hooplas.





Art (of a Bunny Rabbit) by the NZ Artist Parekowhai - "...this image and associated ideas is sent via the phenomelogico-umbilco-epirical non-contingent gyro-quanta cucumber light links...."